North Carolina Ghost Stories

North Carolina is filled with stories. Ghost stories, folktales, legends, and just good yarns are part of life in the Tarheel state. We've been swapping stories of haunted houses, phantom beasts, devils walking the earth, and other strange happenings since before the state was even a state. It's a tradition that's made up of many voices. The Scots-Irish settlers in the Appalachians, the Palatine immigrants on the coast, the Moravians, the English, the first voices of the Cherokee, the Tuscarora, the Lumbee, and the voices of the African-Americans. All their stories and songs are part of this tradition. This site is dedicated to keeping that storytelling tradition alive.

North Carolina Ghost Stories and Legends is a resource for students, researchers, or anyone interested in a good ghost story. We have stories from the North Carolina Mountains, the Central Piedmont, and from along the North Carolina Coast. Every story presented here has been thoroughly researched. Some of them are true. Some of them are a little less true. But every one of them is a good story that has something to tell us. So jump right to a region or scroll down and pick from our list of stories. Enjoy what you find here, and please continue to pass these stories along.

The Scary Truth

So some stories are too good to be true. Some stories may be true, but in much different ways than you've been told. We've done a lot of research and have come up with some of the facts behind these legends. But we hate to spoil a good story by quibbling over silly things like facts.

Thats why, throughout the site, you may see a warning about The Scary Truth. When you see one of these warnings, it means there's more to the story than meets the eye. But we want to give you the option of the truth and your eyes never meeting. So if you like the story the way you've heard it, don't click on one of The Scary Truth links, because more will be revealed on that page than you might want to know.

Stories From the North Carolina Mountains

North Carolina's mountains are full of phantoms, spooks, haunts, haints, weird creatures and crazy happenings. The hills are filled with classic ghost stories, and with places to go to seek out the unusual and paranormal. We've got demon dogs, haunted hot springs, mysterious lights, stories and songs to keep folk singers and storytellers busy forever. Enjoy some of these great stories from high up on the ridges and hills, and low down in the dark and deep valleys.

Stories From the North Carolina Piedmont

The central North Carolina Piedmont has more than its share of ghosts, hauntings, and legends. We have places where The Devil walks at night, and a rock where he left his footprint long ago. There's haunted houses, haunted woods, even a haunted highway. We have vampire beasts and little red men. If you're looking for a good scare, a good story, or somewhere to go and see if you can see a ghost, pick a ghost story from the NC Piedmont and enjoy.

Stories From the North Carolina Coast

North Carolina's coast is filled with ghost stories and legends. Along the Outer Banks, up every inlet, through the marshes and swamps, are stories of hauntings, curses, enchantments, and pirates that live beyond the grave. We have flaming ships that sail on the horizon, supernatural hurricane warning systems, and curses from fire and brimstone preachers on towns that hold lost pirate treasure. Let the smell of the salt air wash over you and imagine sitting around a campfire on the beach and sharing some of these ghost stories from the NC coast.